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Special feature
Scutcher has the function to detwist and expand rope type fabric by process rope type fabric through squeezing mangle, detwister,textar guider and plaiter and also processed fabric can be easily connected to stenter m/a by using scutcher furthermore by installing vacuum pump on scutcher, hydration of fabrics can be processed at same time with fabric expanding. This scutcher is composing of main body, mangle, vacuum pump, auto detwister, textar guider same as centering device feeding roller, operation panel.

Layout 1

1.Auto detwister
2.Texter gulde
3.Feed roller
4.Press roller
5.Plait down
6.Vaccum pump
8.Electric panel
10. Motor(3HP)

Layout 2

2.Guide roller
3.Expanding roller
5.Beam switch
7.Motor(DC 0.1kw)
8.Limit switch