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  • Net dry function .
    - Mixing textile fabrics and all textile fabricses by radish tension dry.
  • Continuous tumbler function .
    - Softness of fiber artificially softly processing (after processing after Sand washer) .
  • Sanforizing processing function - warp and weft artificially reduction (It is possible to 0 ~ 3% but there is difference quantity according to textile fabrics)
  • Because fiber unique characteristic changes by dyeing and processing in cotton fabrics or blended fabric, cloth shrinks after wash or is stabilized in form of fiber essence by particular method of construction to prevent that increase.
  • After processing after coating .
    - After coating textile fabrics softly processing.
  • Coming out in ears and ventilation processing function .
    - Transformation prevention after coming out in ears and ventilation action, wash(indeed even blue jeans, Golden fabric ..)
  • After processing after clever trick, sharing
    - As exuviate, rescue natural beauty in previous brush mode remaining tooth material perfectly exclusion .
  • Towel processing etc
    - Can process with towel, bedding, cushion, interior, carpet, denim.

     Special feature

  • Designed so that the best Relaxing and contraction may happen and get sense of the touch that do soft and Bulky as that aero washing machine(continuous tumbler) produces strong vibration in
  • Textile fabrics transfer because prevent tension of textile fabrics selecting electron balance way in mode time form of fiber essence stabilize .
  • The speed by inverter and wind volume adjustment and each Chamber temperature control improve productivity and quality.